Fire Litigation Support and Fire Testing




GBH International provides fire litigation support, codes & standards assistance, and contract fire testing & research.

GBH International was founded by Dr. Marcelo Hirschler, an expert at applying science to a fire problem. His extensive experience in fire testing, codes, and standards has earned him international recognition within the fire safety community. He can analyze the effects of materials (especially plastics) and products (particularly furniture, mattresses, interior finish, insulation, and wires & cables) on the fire hazard in building and vehicular environments and recommend fire safe alternatives. Dr. Hirschler reports his results in ways that are both understandable and scientifically sound.

GBH International is also the North American distributor for Fire Testing Technology, a global leader in the design and manufacture of fire testing instruments and equipment. FTT equipment is used to meet most material fire test requirements in North America, Europe, and the aircraft industry.